I like to paint the light. Reflective light in a wet road surface, reflection in the clouds, in buildings, dark silhouettes. I make a lot of Amsterdam cityscapes, because we have a lot of water (canals, rain, snow etc.) here and because the clouds, sunrises and sunsets can be extremely beautiful.However, the most beautiful moments only last for a very short time and this way I can share them. They are snapshots from my experience of the city.
But nature is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It is impossible to ‘just’ look at it on holiday. I am always looking for exciting compositions.

Thanks for taking a look around on my website.
I am an architect by profession, and I am self-taught in painting. I have drawn and painted my whole life, with a break of 20 years to raise 2 boys together with my wife.
I develop myself as a painter with each painting and it becomes more and more fun to paint.
Every day I am looking for beautiful scenes, when I cycle in the morning and evening from Landsmeer to the Jordaan and back.
If you learn to watch there is a lot to enjoy, also on such a daily bike ride.

I make a lot of free work, but also work on commission.

Mark Perotti (1959)